THAT'S SO DEEP!-The Incredibly Worthless Man Child Kieran Parkin, age: 22
if you want my psn or steam, just ask me.

i would first like to start off by saying life really sucks. about a year ago (2013), i fell in love and i was stupid to think she felt the same way. and i was dumped, abandoned and forgotten. no matter what somebody says, don't lead yourself to believe they care about you. you'll be let down over and over. lets face it, if you say you love some one WHEN you're dumping them, you're full of shit. i was wrong about some stuff in the relationship but you talk things out and help the person change. trust me, i won't be going down this road again, its not worth it. i have trouble sleeping. i really wish it never happened because i cannot stop thinking about this person. i don't think this is going away. everybody who wants a relationship, being rejected hurts way less. i had problems but now they're just worse. now thats out of the way.

I love anime and manga and gaming. i have a ps4 and pc and they're amazing. i also love my music. but i've already filled this in once and it got deleted. might update at a later date.